About Me

A bit about me

Well for a start off, as I write this (June 2017), I’m entirely new to the whole website, blogging thing.  So I have a request for you from the get go:  If you see an error, please do let me know. Contact details should be in the Contact Me page, if I’ve set this up correctly!!

The real Pliny. Lover of hats, amongst other things

Me:  I’m  a middle aged man, who is a little on the tubby side (I’m ok with that, although aim to have to restart this website at some point as PlinytheSkinny.com).

I’m a Spurs fan (that’s Tottenham Hotspur FC, with the round shaped ball for those of you in the US!), a one time drummer, former nightclub manager and sarcastic pedant, who likes to call out trolls on misuse of their/there and your/you’re.  Sadly my grammar is appalling, so this often goes wrong.  I’m also a lover of words; long ones; short ones; interesting ones – just words in general.  I also wear a lot of hats.

I’ve recently developed some newer interests and hope to use this site as a place to share them (live streaming and drone flying to give a couple of examples).

What’s the Story

A couple of years ago I was asked to participate in an interview via Periscope for work, so downloaded the app.  The interview turned out to be done over the phone in the end and the app went entirely unused until one day in bed, struggling to sleep, I thought I’d give it a look.

I was hooked.  Surfing the world looking in on total strangers.  Sifting through some utter dross to find the really entertaining people.  Bitten by the bug, I began seeking out topics and people that interested me and eventually, having built up a small network of people I liked and trusted, I thought I’d give broadcasting a go.

This is where I am now.  Exploring the world of live streaming and hoping to share some of these experiences, as well as those in my life offline, here with you.

Other places you can find me…

The point of this website is to be a central hub for all of my social media accounts as I develop their content and link activity between them.

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I look forward to sharing a bit of myself with you.  The washed bit, obviously.  I’m not an animal!!